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A range of delicate flavors
Sushi, sashimi, tempura, nabe, boiled side dishes--food from Japan blessed with rich and varied ingredients. We are proud of our menu that has come to be cherished over time.

The highest standards of taste

Since our founding we have used two types of selected shaved, dried bonito for the first stock, or ichiban-dashi (which is at the heart of Japanese cooking), so that its taste and strength remain. Further, we select and deliver the freshest ingredients for classic Japanese foods including sushi, sashimi, and tempura.

Nabe cooking

Sato Shabunabe

Our all-you-can-eat menu features four kinds of meat and a variety of vegetables, with the choice of two types of stock out of five. Families can enjoy chatting together as they sit around the nabe pot.

Japanese dishes

A rich and varied lineup combining classic combinations of Japanese food, including sashimi, tempura, boiled side dishes, and sushi. Naturally, taste is foremost, and we choose the freshest ingredients. Tempura uses flour with just the right texture, and we deliver each order piping hot.


It goes without saying that we use the freshest ingredients. For sushi rice, too, we mix rice with specially blended vinegar to create a deliciously balanced sushi rice known as "shari". This "shari," combined with fresh ingredients, is essential to Sato's traditional sushi taste.