About Us

In line with our motto of "Creating a restaurant to bring genuine Japanese cuisine to still more people around the world at reasonable prices," we are searching for partners who can share in our business philosophy of building a rich and varied dining lifestyle.

Sato's Japanese cuisine is both delicious and healthy.

Japanese cuisine uses cooking techniques that prepare the abundant raw materials of the sea and mountains without losing any of the taste, arranged so that you can "eat with your eyes" while appreciating the fine Japanese tableware. Naturally, the taste of the ingredients is key and freshness is a central element in that. Another feature of Japanese food is the use of different ingredients in each of the four seasons when they are at their most tasty and nutritious. Thus Japanese food brings out the taste of varied ingredients, and is known for its excellent nutritional balance and healthfulness.Sato's cuisine retains the best features of Japanese food, and maintains the highest commitment to offering tasty, healthy and safe fare.

President, CEO Yoshitaka Shigesato

Building a place that customers love

Sato hopes to build a long-term relationship with local customers, who will come to love the restaurant as a place where they can enjoy what is considered high-class Japanese food at reasonable prices. We will do this by dedicating ourselves to hospitable service (not just serving people but providing conscientious "total service" with space in the restaurant to sell our products). By so doing, we endeavor to create a restaurant where families, friends, partners, and colleagues spend their precious time still more enjoyably.

We are looking for business partners who can share our business philosophy.

A sign displayed at Sato in our founder's day advertised a "nabe house for people on the move." By providing food for a growing number of customers, we have developed to become the most trusted Japanese restaurant, playing our part in the dining-out industry as we continue to grow. Now we are developing overseas with the theme of "creating a restaurant to bring genuine Japanese cuisine to still more people around the world at reasonable prices." With a focus on reasonable pricing over high-class furnishings, we hope to realize a rich and varied lifestyle through Japanese food for people everywhere. We are searching for business partners who share the Sato business philosophy, and hope to operate businesses over the long term promoting the creation of restaurants that customers, and ourselves, will grow to love.