About Us

Since its beginning in 1958 until today, our company has been guided by the philosophy of "contributing to society through food." We have developed restaurant businesses, focusing primarily on Japanese restaurants and have grown to a company that serves more than 30 million customers a year.

During this time, we have striven to please more and more customers. To gain the trust of our customers, we've placed emphasis on safety, reliability, and high-quality ingredients, and put efforts into creating a system that raises productivity, trains the staff and delivers satisfactory service.

Recently, the demography is trending towards lower birthrates and an aging population. Lifestyles and approaches to work are continuing to diversify, and competition is intensifying in this industry and other businesses. Our company responds to the changing environment by invoking our knowhow and experience, while adding innovation to improve productivity and using all our power to bring you reasonable , safe and delicious food continuously.

We aim to be a company with a solid infrastructure, delivering food that is indispensable for the current society, while also working with our partners to create an environment that spreads delight. We will continue to rise to the challenge of meeting the expectations of our customers, our employees, and our shareholders.

President, CEO Masahiko Shigesato